Peter Chen Chief Expert National Certified Counselor (NCC),Graduate Professional Counselor (LGPC) in Maryland,Member of America Psychological Association (APA),Member of America Counseling Association (ACA) Consulting style: Listen attentively and empathize;work with scientific methods to help visitors release their stress, after exploring the sources of it; help visitors uncover and redirect their self-destructive thinking models and behaviors. Strength: Treating anxiety, depression, crisis intervention, and various addictions, such as alcoholic and drug abuse; Leading group therapy to treat anxiety disorder and addictions. Zeng Dayi Chief Expert Doctor of Medicine, National second-level psychotherapist, Sandbox therapist, Mind Garden Counselor supervisor, Graduated from Peking Union Medical College Hospital. Mr.Zeng is an expert in the field of the mental health and of personality development. Consulting style: explore with the visitors their inner world, give advice on balancing personalities Counseling areas: Anxiety, Fear, Compulsion, Depression, Parent-child relationship, Interpersonal barriers, Sleeping disorders, Psychosomatic illness, Healthy development of personality, etc. Bilingual consultation is available. Jennifer Chief Expert A national second-level psychotherapist, Jennifer was engaged in corporate training and management in multinational corporations. Not only is she fluent in English and has affinity,she also has a great amount of knowledge and experience on cognitive-behavioral therapy, Gestalt therapy and imaginary dialogue skills. Adhering to a strict scientific approach and focusing on comprehension,Jennifer tackles her clients’ problems with them, and often develops genuine friendship with them. Areas of expertise include: youth development, marital problems, workplace stress reduction, career planning, and so on.  Zhang Qin Chief Expert Zhang is a national second-level psychotherapist.Background: Zhang Qin has many years of experience in business services, the expertise on which she can use to help employers of companies deal with occupational stress and plan career development. Consulting style: Zhang Qin is respected and widely known for her attentive care for every visitor, in a calm, and reassuring manner. Fully tapping the potential of each individual, she helps promote self-growth,constantly improves herself, and helps visitors lead a happy and healthy life. Areas of expertise include: youth development, marital problems, workplace stress reduction, career planning and parenting problems. Xu Weijing Chief Expert Xu is a nationally registered psychotherapist, a supervisor of psychotherapists at Xinchao counseling center,a hypnotherapist,a member of Shanghai Psychological Society, and a reporter of China Merchants magazine. Xu Weijing studied and worked for five years in Europe and Southeast Asia.She has a unique insight, with experiences of research on youth personal growth, emotional problems, gender relations, and constellations alike.By helping visitors understand themselves,Xu contributes to a promising future of her visitors. Because she says it so often, the line ‘I believe I can understand you’ has became Xu’s personal statement.  Zhou Feiwen Chief Expert Zhou is a senior consultant at Shanghai Xinchao counseling Center, a member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, a supervisor of psychotherapists at Xinchao. She got her master degree in Marriage and Family Therapy at University of Oregon. While studying, Zhou Feiwen accumulated over 500 hours of therapy time,half of which was with individuals and the other half with couples and families. She has worked at the Family Therapy Center of Oregon State as astudent, and provided counseling for individuals, for couples and for families on relationship renewal and regarding to treatment withdrawal. She also worked as a training therapist in a special program at the center, leading group therapies with adult male sex offenders and younger patients . Moreover, she had been an english teacher in institutions of higher education. Areas of expertise include: relationships between spouses, parent-child relationships, family therapy, abnormal sexual behaviors and cross-cultural consulting. Tang Jiayu Chief Expert Tang is a national registered psychotherapist with a master's degree., who has rich experience in foreign corporations, Tang Jiayu is a kind person, with great interpersonal skills.She excels in adjusting the environment to create a more relaxed ambience, which in turn helps her visitors feel more comfortable. Areas of expertise include: neurological disorders, parenting education, youth development, marital problems, interpersonal problems, anxiety; psychosis and bilingual consulting provided. Wen Wei Chief Expert Wen is a national second-level psychotherapist, a sandbox therapists an d a hypnotherapist with years of overseas experience. Wen understands the workplace and daily problems caused by a different cultural, and she helps her visitors by confronting their difficulties and finding the solutions. Her advisory message is: I will help you go back on your feet,make use of your potential, and find your own happiness and freedom. Areas of expertise include: career orientation and planning, workplace stress, interpersonal relationships and communication, youth counseling, marital counseling.. Yao Junru Chief Expert Yao is a national second-level psychotherapist, a doctor in medicine, an expert on health, and a full-time counselor at Xinchao counseling center.She has many years of research experience in Chinese Academy of Sciences, which enabled her to have a solid foundation of counseling. Consulting characteristics: explore the personality structures or characteristics of her visitors, demonstrate to them the unconscious mechanism, and reveal to them the psychological roots of their mental problems through in-depth system analysis. Her goal is to help her clients develop mental strength, and gain more balanced personality traits. Areas of expertise: marriage, emotions, psychosomatic illness, healthy development of personality, anxiety, fear, compulsion, depression, parent-child relationship, interpersonal disorders, sleep disorders, etc. Bilingual counseling provided.  Hattie Chief Expert Hattie is a national second-level psychotherapist,a supervisor of therapists at Xinchao counseling center. Hattie has engaged in business training and management consulting, and has an MBA degree. Fluent in English and affectionate,she is good at the cognitive-behavioral therapy, at the Gestalt therapy and at imaginary dialogue skills.Adhering to a strict scientific approach and paying attention to overall balance,Hattie tackles problems one by one with her visitors,most of whom eventually become sincere friends of hers. Areas of expertise include: youth development, marital problems, workplace stress reduction and career planning. 江苏快3三军计划
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